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Parents aren’t babies, and “cute” isn’t a design strategy

This recent post on, containing ideas for the Johnson’s baby packaging from a Peruvian designer, is really disturbing. Let me count the ways. First let’s start with full disclosure. We will be forever thankful that Johnson & Johnson was … Continue reading

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The tail end of technology, and how we choose

We are in the midst of a very rough flu season in the New York area, and lots of suffering people are wandering the drug store aisles in search of relief. These days it comes in many forms. But apparently … Continue reading

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The Last Coca Cola

The last glass returnable bottle of Coca Cola ran off the line on Tuesday. And was immediately sold to a collector for $2,000. That bottle, cast for the Minneapolis Coke bottling works in 1948 and filled at the Winona Coca-Cola … Continue reading

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E*Trade finds a new use for packaging

So you think product packages in the aisles of Target or CVS are just for shopping, think again. Now you can check out investment information on publicly traded companies while wandering through the store. Or while sitting in your kitchen … Continue reading

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Absolut Unique, Gutenberg would be proud

In 1440 Guttenberg celebrated moveable type, in 2012 Absolut Vodka celebrates moveable design! It only took 572 years for the folks at Absolut to find a way to go beyond the holy grail of the printing and design industries . … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol, Target, and new Campbell’s Soup cans

50 years ago this month, Andy Warhol began his life-long exploration of the boundary between art and commerce (as if there ever was one), with the exhibition of “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans” at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. In … Continue reading

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The Image of Christ and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

This week, two articles in the NY Times caught my attention. The first was about the image of a candy package, the second about the image of Christ, and both are lessons about good intentions gone really bad. And while … Continue reading

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