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Private Brands, and the power of buying decisions at the shelf

Developing intelligent and relevant retail package design solutions is one of the most cost efficient ways of using your marketing budget to influence the purchase decisions of consumers at retail. At least that is the conventional wisdom of package designers. … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

Andy Warhol’s legacy is alive and well in the work of the New York conceptual artist, Rinaldo Fratolillo. His version of the Toblerone package is a whimsical play on brand recognition based on the subtle, classic, and most basic elements … Continue reading

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Respect, What you want, baby we need it

Help us continue the effort started last night at the AIGA Metro-North chapter panel discussion on SPEC work. A community of interest, with a significant number of both corporate and design firm representatives, came together to discuss the issue in … Continue reading

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Packages talking to refrigerators talking to cell phones

The shopping list will never be the same. Imagine wandering down the aisle of your food store with a cell phone that is capable of showing you a complete list of the stuff in your refrigerator. It may happen fairly soon. … Continue reading

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Dairy-based packaging material research

With oil continuing to spew into the Gulf, there is a heightened interest in finding replacements for petroleum-based materials. And it turns out that there is a lot of research being done on replacing petroleum-based packaging with biobased packaging. The … Continue reading

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Mello Yello, and stacks of color copies

Tom Courtos’ mom would be very proud. As mentioned in earlier posts, my first job was at a New York firm called Lois/Chajet Design Group, where I had the privilege of working with AIGA Medalist George Lois and Clive Chajet. And … Continue reading

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Family history, the humane genome and package design research

It appears that package design research and cancer research share more than we might have suspected. And that for both, family history may be as good a predictive tool as any. Package designers, and the consumer product marketers that we … Continue reading

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