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The 60 Watt Coke Bottle

Here is a simply brilliant (pun intended) idea that uses recycled plastic bottles to provide home lighting in third world countries. A single bottle installed in the roof can provide the light equivalent to a 60 watt bulb, free for … Continue reading

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Rethink the food label

The FDA is looking for constructive ideas to revamp food labeling and update the way ingredient and nutritional information is presented to the consumer. I have three thoughts. 1. It’s about time! 2. You can still have an impact! 3. … Continue reading

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The Virtual Tesco, and Mobile 2.0 Thinking

We all sense that the growth and adoption of mobile technology is extraordinary. And at a fascinating seminar led by Andrew Hawn and David Luttenberger of Iconoculture at the FIT campus in New York yesterday, some facts were presented about retail … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol’s 49th Anniversary

As early readers of this blog may remember, Andy Warhol and I met in the changing room at Paul Stuart’s, a clothing store that calls itself “an upscale men’s and women’s retailer, known for their unique take on Anglo-American classics.” … Continue reading

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Inside the Box Thinking

Developing guidelines for information presentation on packaging is a good start, but it just seems so 20th century. And you know retail packaging has some interest and influence when Dartmouth medical professors begin to design . . . well not … Continue reading

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