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Happy 50th Birthday Bubble Wrap

There are a few iconic packaging materials, and bubble wrap is certainly one of them. It was invented by a Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes in the late 50s and was first marketed in 1960. And the rest is history. … Continue reading

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Scarlett Johansson in matte finish

One of the most important themes in package design circles these days is the notion of simplicity. Nothing new about this really, and I have written about it several times previously. Including in one of my most popular early posts … Continue reading

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Lessons from Lessins

You must admire the single-minded devotion to quality of Nick Lessins and Lydia Esparza, owners of a sizzlingly popular new pizza place in Chicago, named the best pizza joint in the USA by GQ magazine. But they just may be … Continue reading

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To Haiti’s rescue

The Haitian earthquake is a disaster beyond all reason. The images tend to bring all other attempts at normal business into a different kind of focus as we wish the victims well. In these early days what will be needed most … Continue reading

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Package Design on a Smarter Planet

Increasingly brands are about people not products, and about lifestyle not just consumption. And these days interests and lifestyle choices change quickly, so shouldn’t package design be able to anticipate and respond, with intelligence and speed, to these changes. Today, … Continue reading

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I.D. Magazine and package design comments by Ralph Caplan

I.D. Magazine has always been one of the guideposts of our profession. And on the AIGA website, Ralph Caplan, the former Editor writes about his recollections and behind-the-scenes memories of the publication that, after 55 years, has released it’s last … Continue reading

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Curtis Allina, the developer of the Pez package

As the year ended we were saddened to hear that Curtis Allina had died. The man who put the head on the Pez dispenser. There are few packages that have reached the icon status of the Pez candy dispenser. For … Continue reading

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Burj Khalifa and vertical vodkas

With interests in both real estate and vodka, maybe it’s the Donald’s attitude on altitude that does it again, as Dubai trumps Shanghai. One of the first “big” events of this new decade was the opening yesterday of Burj Khalifa, … Continue reading

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