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Who is watching who, and who cares

Marketers are inventing all kinds of ways to find you these days. Some you may be aware of, and can opt in, some you aren’t and can’t. Today the NY Times had two articles that discuss this. The first was … Continue reading

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Outing Stuart Elliott

As designers we might as well be in the closet for all the recognition we get. And lets make it clear up front, this is a column about design, not sexual orientation. The term outing is merely being used to … Continue reading

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Sweet’N Low, the iconography of pink

For those who follow this blog you will know that it has one strong bias . . . that the package is the most important long-term vehicle for building the value of a consumer brand. And as my friends in … Continue reading

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Absolut Caterpillar

It’s a jungle out there. Illusionists are everywhere. And evolution is a marvelous thing. Imagine its 1980 and you are a rather plain vodka from Sweden, marketed in a simple, colorless, apothecary shaped bottle, and you want to get noticed. … Continue reading

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The beauty of sugarcane

Another small step begun by a major CPG marketer. Procter & Gamble announced today that starting in 2011, several of its beauty brands including Pantene, Cover Girl and Max Factor will begin to use a new type of “green” HDPE plastic … Continue reading

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Aesthetic shock and awe

In the early 1980s I worked in Manhattan just a few blocks from where Philip Johnson’s AT&T building was being erected. We watched with amazement as the raw steel forms of what became known as the “Chippendale” skyscraper were put … Continue reading

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The Amazon Tote

Amazon has done a small thing to reduce its packaging footprint with the testing of the new Amazon Tote. I have always wondered about the environmental issues surrounding all of the stuff we order on line. It certainly is convenient, … Continue reading

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