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Bonfire of the Vanities

I noticed a shot of Karim Rashid recently and it got me wondering how much he might have in common on the subject of design with another sartorial exhibitionist in white, Tom Wolfe. Seems not much. Tom Wolfe was recently interviewed at … Continue reading

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Jim Cramer and Package Designing the future

Ben Stein wrote an interesting piece in the Sunday New York Times business section about the Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer death match that occurred recently on The Daily Show. The one where Stewart attacked Cramer for “failing to anticipate … Continue reading

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Packaging Made From Rock

This headline, from The Gourmet Retailer, got my attention. A paper alternative that even Fred Flintstone would love. Apparently The Penta Water Company is the first beverage company to use a new packaging label material made from limestone, no paper, … Continue reading

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Free iPhone package design app

Imagine the possibilities. An iPhone app for package design.  Apple says there are now over 25,000 apps available for the iPhone, so I figure someone is working in a garage somewhere on the release of an iPhone Package Design app … Continue reading

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Mouse ready projects for a design infrastructure

Shovels are great, and there is a lot of money being thrown around lately to support useful, but traditional, infrastructure projects. What about helping to nurture and support a sustainable design infrastructure. Aren’t there projects that we as a design … Continue reading

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Objectified, the design movie

There is an interesting review today by Allan Chochinov of a new documentary film, called Objectified, in the Core 77 blog. He attended the first showing in Austin over the weekend. On the Objectified web site the film is decribed … Continue reading

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Positively 19th Century, Positively 21st Century, and Positively Marvelous

I will keep this short. This work speaks more than eloquently for itself. For those who have followed the brief history of this blog you will have begun to learn at least two things. The first is about what we … Continue reading

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