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Signs of Life

Paleontologists track the evolution of species, marketers track the evolution of brands. For one it is an ancient record cast in stone, for the other it is a much more recent record cast in the cultural media of our time … Continue reading

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My guest column in The Dieline

I have great admiration for what Andrew Gibbs has done with The Dieline. In just 3 short years he has created an online brand that is now an indispensible resource for the global package design community. So I jumped at the … Continue reading

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The Package and Presidential Politics

The Package and Presidential Politics What goes on in the White House can be a little unseemly at times. The President’s image gets a bit tarnished occasionally, many think that Washington could use some cleaning up, and increasingly politics, as … Continue reading

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Expert Witness

There are a few people you meet along the path of your life who make an indelible impression, perhaps because of their unique combination of grace, intelligence, and honesty. Bill O’Connor was just such a person. Bill was unique in … Continue reading

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A package concept cons a con artist

How could anyone take the package at left seriously? But it had to happen, a package concept being used as a con. The only question is who really was fooling who, and who was the real victim. The piece in … Continue reading

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Beautiful bowls from the Bronx

Red maple, plum, juniper, cherry, white oak, apple, zelkova, and even japanese elm. I love the notion of beautiful wooden objects hand crafted from the recovered forests of the northern Bronx. And it appears that Ivan Braun, with the help … Continue reading

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