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Tis the season for shopping with smart phones

A technology is really mainstream when it hits USA Today, and on Black Friday no less. So apparently shopping, with your smart phone retail apps blazing, has become a reality. With the holiday shopping season starting in earnest, and retailers … Continue reading

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The Glass Mouse

There is a trend in technology packaging that might be called “The Glass House look”. Hope the architect isn’t displeased. I live near Philip Johnson’s Glass House, and pass by it often on my training rides through New Canaan. On one … Continue reading

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Epigenetics of brands

Earlier this week I posted about the new Minute Maid package design, but I’m going to stick with the topic because there are some interesting lessons to be learned here. Epigenetics refers to changes in appearance or activity of a … Continue reading

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Absolut supports Vancouver arts community

The Absolut brand has been, virtually from the start, a rare combination of unique and recognizable package, used as an advertising icon, supporting a premium at-home and on-premise visibility, and ultimately making consumers feel part of a lifestyle experience. Not … Continue reading

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A minute change for Minute Maid

Clean, simple, evolutionary, professional, fruity. These are the words that come to mind when viewing the new Minute Maid juice packaging announced yesterday by Coke. And maybe it is no surprise that the change is minimal given the Tropicana debacle earlier … Continue reading

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FIT and sustainable package design

The Packaging Design Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology is working hard to introduce a new certificate program in Sustainable Packaging Design. The idea is to intensely ground students, using 5-6 specific classes, thus allowing them to become key … Continue reading

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The $700,000 box of Brillo

As those of you who follow this blog know, Andy and I met in the changing room of Paul Stuart. It was about 15 or 20 years after he created the Brillo soap pad box that sold yesterday at a … Continue reading

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