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The Anthora Cup designer

Who knew that it had a name. If you have spent any time in the New York area you know it is the definitive take-out coffee cup design. Called the Anthora, it was created by Leslie Buck. A retired paper … Continue reading

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Cream Ale, AIGA Archives and Life

This post started off as a simple recommendation to try the wonderful new AIGA design archives. It was going to be a supportive but bland description about the great new interface, the elegant look and feel, the intuitive visual search … Continue reading

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Designing in Silence

Listen to the photo above. It is a shot by Keith Lanpher called “Water Lilies“. I hear silence, what do you hear? The image was taken at a very special place about 15 miles from anywhere. A place where the … Continue reading

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Package design will disappear in 20 years, or less

My design career has been long enough that I have been able to watch the inexorable march of technology and witnessed first hand the disappearance of huge pieces of our industry, and the good people that went along with them. … Continue reading

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3D from day one

As a package designer I have watched with amusement lately as the entertainment establishment froths over the future potential of 3D movies, 3D TV, and of course the 3D web. For instance here is a great spoof from on famous … Continue reading

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Is it my brand, or your brand?

Andy sure had fun creating his own brands. Did he foresee a time when we would all do the same, a time when the package would become one more pliable element in our own personal brand building exercise? Asked another … Continue reading

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Colorado brews up tradition and technology

In the past, beer didn’t travel far. In fact, up until the middle of the 20th century, it’s likely that the beer you drank was brewed within a few hours drive of your home or pub. Coors is bringing back … Continue reading

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