The Shear Partnership

The Shear Partnership

Over fifteen years ago we started out with three clients, boundless optimism, and the vague notion of creating a place based on our personal values and deeply motivated by meaningful, provocative design. Our goal was to introduce clients to world-class work created through an uncommonly straightforward and responsive partnership, and based on collaboration and celebration.

Today, we have more clients, more case histories, and more space in our office on the river in historic South Norwalk, Connecticut. With this growth comes the conviction that creativity remains a collaboration. That truly successful design depends as much on engaging with a consumer as it does the brilliance of a designer, as much on the small everyday details of client service as our aesthetic values. Creativity is not just about taste. It’s about optimism, and sustainability. It’s about remembering that great design makes a difference in peoples’ lives.

Founding Principals Pam and Richard Shear each bring a lifetime of experience in the personal care, food, beverage, technology and entertainment categories. Pam brings a rich experience in personal care, cosmetic and fragrance design and was formerly a Design Director at Estée Lauder and Creative Director at Cosmair. Richard brings over 25 years of international mass-market brand identity experience across a wide range of categories.


5 Responses to The Shear Partnership

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  2. Steve Noxon says:

    Very nice blog. I’ve actually learned something. Nice selection of links too. Package design is something I haven’t done, but hope to one day.

  3. Loe Limpens says:

    Hi Richard,
    like your blog and the uncluttered and clear structure.

  4. Dmitriy says:

    Hi Richard, nice blog!
    I just added your site to my packaging listing:
    I’d like to place linkback at your site. – Structural packaging design ready for cutting-die.

  5. maryamkh97 says:

    Hey Richard. Really nice blog. Love the posts.

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